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Buying tips:

First, the purchase of our shoes must be based on our Size table. Not the size of other Size table. If you do not understand, you can consult us.

Second, product inventory change at any time, occasionally there will be out of stock. If we find the product out of stock, and no replenishment. We will contact the buyer to cancel the order. But please choose "other reason"". Thank You for Your Cooperation!

Third, our part of the shoes are custom made, the general delivery is 5-8 days. We will contact the buyer to extend the date of shipment. Please cooperate with buyers. Thank You for Your Cooperation!

Fourth, if you need a refund. Buyers can request to our paypal. Alternatively, the buyer can submit a dispute to select the "Personal Reasons", "Easy return" Shipping "method was not as described". If there are other reasons, we will not make any refund.

Fifth, the quality of our shoes is guaranteed, but please do not submit disputes. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will promptly reply, and to deal with measures. Thank You for Your Cooperation!